Stella 12 Beech is the collaboration of many great meals, friends, stories and moments. Inspired by the owners' grandparents and their close relation to the foods they grew, prepared and celebrated at each meal— it is with these memories and a vision of tomorrow that we have created Stella 12 Beech. Stella and Sam Cornett's dinner table would feature vegetables from the backyard garden, dandelion greens and rhubarb foraged in the neighborhood. Ruth and Miles Gardner's table also featured vegetables from the backyard garden, meat from animals brought back from Miles and his sons' seasonal hunting trips and homemade dandelion wine. Louella and William Uhl lived and successfully farmed land in Camden, Ohio. Angelina and Giovanni Madaffari immigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 20th century and grew wonderful vegetables and grapes in his Ohio backyard. Angelina created inspired homemade pasta dishes which might take much of a day to prepare. Our grandparents instilled in us an appreciation for natural, fresh and homemade foods— an appreciation we are proud to share with you each and every time you dine at Stella 12 Beech.
Stella 12 Beech

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